New! Tattoo Tickets

New! Tattoo Tickets

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This listing is for TATTOO TICKET only. No physical ticket will be shipped!

I've been getting messages from people who want to get my artworks tattooed for a long time. If you like any existing artwork here or from my instagram and would like to get it tattooed, here is your new option for purchasing them!

It is very simple, just choose the artwork, dm me which art work do you want to use and purchase it, then I send it as a line art for only one use on your skin. Messages here : or you can use chat option.

It is so cool that someone wants to have my work on their skin forever ! So if you get my work done as tattoo, feel free to send me photos via mail or DM instagram :

Once tattoo ticket has been purchased you will receive an email with a link to a jpeg that includes the drawing you ask for.
If you'd like to have a custom design dont buy this ticket! Just e-mail me to have an information for custom tatoo design.

Terms of Use

- This is only for personal use not for the tattoo artists for multiple uses.
- Any other reproduction or use of the image will be a violation of copyright law. 
- No physical ticket will be shipped
- No physical artwork will be shipped
- If you'd like to have a NEW custom design don't buy this ticket

ELİF from Axis Mundi Art & Design